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Web Tag - pfr - 05-11-2020

New thread idea.... But first of all, *nixers is buzzing at the moment which is really nice to see!

Ok so, this might not actually work, but I want to try it anyway. I used to participate in a game of Tag on a forum related to bikes. We'd ride around the city, take a photo of our bike next to a building or some insignificant local icon, and then it would be a race to figure out where that spot is. Whoever found that spot first would take a picture of their bike in the same spot (TAG) then again in a new spot, setting the new tag location.

Now I know what you're thinking... "the internet is an abyss! there is no way this will work". And you're probably right. But perhaps if we put some rules in place?

The idea is to take a screenshot on a website that are in some way related to *nix. It should be searchable through your mainstream search engines (goog, ddg, startpg, youtube etc.) so probably no gopher or .onion sites or dark web at this stage... (unless you think dark-web or gopher tag is a better idea?).

Please give me your feedback/input in terms of how this could work better, ie. what parameters/boundaries should be in place etc. But as a rough start:

  • Sites must appear in all major search engines (GitHub, YouTube & Wiki included)
  • No gopher, .onion sites or dark web at this stage... maybe later
  • Neocities? allowed, as long as they are searchable
  • Sites should not be more than 4 pages deep in search engines
  • Screenshots must include some images & text (unless it would make it too obvious, use your discretion)
  • Screenshots can be any size (it's up to you) eg. if the site is quite obscure, consider including the whole page, or if it's a well known site, you could just capture a small portion of the page which might be recognisable to others.
  • To claim a tag you must post a url link to the page of the previous tag then post a screenshot of your next tag.
  • As a general rule, try not to make it too hard for people, and as the old saying goes "A quick game's a good game!"

I am prepared for this thread to be a complete flop.. but I reckon it'll be fun if we don't make it too hard.

I'll start with a really easy one!
[Image: Capture.png]

RE: Web Tag - venam - 06-11-2020

Here I go to claim the first tag:

And here's my next one:
[Image: v6dR3Xm.png]

RE: Web Tag - jolia - 06-11-2020

here is yours venam:

let's keep going with this one:

[Image: iddF.png]

RE: Web Tag - venam - 06-11-2020

I'll take this tag easily.
It's no game when you put the same link on irc:

Here's the next one:
[Image: 2b3b46A.png]

RE: Web Tag - jolia - 06-11-2020

first entry on ddg :D

here's the next one:

[Image: idni.png]

i'll stop for today, already played too much, this is fun as hell!

RE: Web Tag - Dworin - 06-11-2020

Found it on but I have to zoom in one step to get the same alignment.

here's one more:

[Image: idn9.png]

RE: Web Tag - pfr - 06-11-2020

I was too slow
... [deleted]

(06-11-2020, 07:45 AM)jolia Wrote: this is fun as hell!
Glad it's catching on!

RE: Web Tag - z3bra - 06-11-2020

The text helped a lot !

Rush next !

[Image: idng.png]

RE: Web Tag - jolia - 06-11-2020

i think i got this:

here ya go:

[Image: idnI.png]

RE: Web Tag - venam - 06-11-2020

I think I got it:

Here's the next one:
[Image: Py5dfcA.png]

RE: Web Tag - Dworin - 06-11-2020

That would be

Then a website that kept boredom away in hospital last week (spent wayyyy too much time there!)

[Image: id5r.png]

RE: Web Tag - s0kx - 06-11-2020

Doesn't have to be this exact thread, just find the website:
[Image: 0P.PNG]

RE: Web Tag - mcol - 08-11-2020

That took some time but it's here:

Try and find this (hopefully not too obvious):
[Image: 1604849399.png]

RE: Web Tag - seninha - 08-11-2020

Just because I'm into awk these days...
[Image: scrot-2020-11-08-132952.png]

RE: Web Tag - s0kx - 08-11-2020

[Image: 00.PNG]

RE: Web Tag - pfr - 08-11-2020

(06-11-2020, 09:40 AM)z3bra Wrote: Rush next !
Cool website! And I must have this wallpaper!?

(08-11-2020, 02:01 PM)sokx Wrote: Retroooo

To be honest I don't think I would have ever got that if it wasn't fr the text!

Who remembers this?
[Image: Capture.png]

RE: Web Tag - jolia - 09-11-2020

i do!

does some already use it?
[Image: inQ_.png]

RE: Web Tag - s0kx - 09-11-2020

Never heard of it, but looks interesting.

If I write a letter
and mail it
to someone I love,
someone I love may write a letter to me.
[Image: 0W.PNG]

RE: Web Tag - venam - 10-11-2020

I think I've found it:

Get ready for this one:
[Image: zVgUJPA.png]

RE: Web Tag - neeasade - 10-11-2020


[Image: nUfxm2Z.png]

RE: Web Tag - seninha - 10-11-2020


[Image: scrot.png]

RE: Web Tag - pfr - 10-11-2020

(10-11-2020, 04:14 PM)venam Wrote: Get ready for this one:
[Image: zVgUJPA.png]

Could have left the text out of that one I reckon. I'd recognise that funny looking cat logo anywhere.

(10-11-2020, 07:56 PM)phillbush Wrote: [Image: scrot.png]


Lets try make it a tiny bit harder... Anyone know this one?
[Image: Capture.png]

RE: Web Tag - pfr - 12-11-2020

Ok, I'll give a hint: It's not Linux or BSD, but it is UNIX.

RE: Web Tag - jkl - 12-11-2020

That’s easy (I even installed that one once):

How’s this?
[Image: Bildschirmfoto-2020-11-12-um-09-11-23.png]

RE: Web Tag - s0kx - 12-11-2020

Good one!

Shouldn't be too hard:
[Image: 0T.PNG]

RE: Web Tag - pfr - 12-11-2020

(12-11-2020, 05:17 AM)jkl Wrote: (I even installed that one once):
OT: might open a thread about illumos distros. I was mad keen on Tribblix when I first cam accross it. Might give it another crack.

RE: Web Tag - jkl - 13-11-2020

Please do! Tribblix is deliberately kept “retro” (including the old package system), but it has its advantages.

RE: Web Tag - venam - 13-11-2020

I found the tag:
What a dangerous game!

Here's the next one, let's keep the chain moving with interesting findings:
[Image: YeykFsW.png]

RE: Web Tag - neeasade - 14-11-2020

Found it -

Let's up the ante...

[Image: IDhNOEO.png]

RE: Web Tag - venam - 17-11-2020

It was hard but I think I found it:

Let's unblock this and move on to the next tag:
[Image: YUITTuZ.png]