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An adventure. - Necrotized - 12-09-2012

I must say, since I made the switch to the Linux environment, I last longer in bed and I am able to keep an erection.

But in all seriousness, I was really really dumb at the beginning of this whole ordeal, but through perseverance and a ton of Googl'ing I've managed to get fairly good with it.

I've managed to fix my Metasploit problem too.

A quick shout out to Robby, even though he can sometimes come off as a dick, he knows his shit.


RE: An adventure. - FreeBSD - 12-09-2012

Welcome and good luck to your future endeavors ;)

RE: An adventure. - Jayro - 15-10-2012

I am glad to hear you solved your issue with erectile dis-function! Seriously though, Welcome to the forum!