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Uxn virtual machine - s0kx - 22-05-2021

I'd like to share a project I've been following for the past few months, because I'm sure atleast some of you might also find it interesting.

This quote from the main website sums it up pretty well:
Quote:Uxn is a portable 8-bit virtual computer inspired by forth-machines, capable of running simple tools and games programmable in its own esoteric assembly language. The distribution of Uxn projects is not unlike downloading a rom for a console, Uxn has its own emulator.

Some links to get you started

... and a quick drum rack demo if you want to skip over the technical stuff.

RE: Uxn virtual machine - opfez - 24-05-2021

Uxn is really cool, I've been looking at it as well. It seems there's a good community surrounding it too; I know a guy from IRC who is working on a music tracker for the thing.