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Retrospective 2021 - seninha - 19-12-2021

How was your 2021? Both in the computer and real lives?
What have you learned, read, achieved, created or (not) done this year?


Different from 2020, now I had online classes both semesters, so most of my time was dedicated to the uni.

I read mostly school stuff. Had to read some Java books about its virtual machine, which culminated with the creation of a simple jvm. Weirdly, this small school project of mine got popular and there was a course using it. I also read Tanenbaum's books on Networking and Operating Systems for my Networking and Operating System classes, respectively.
I also read a book about Troff and a book about AWK, which made me more interested in both programs.
There are books that I began to read in 2020, that I slowly and continuously read through 2021 and that I have not finished yet. They are SICP and APUE, which contains a lot of exercises and theory that take time to digest. I'm currently doing some dozens of pages per month at a slow pace.

I rewrote my window manager from scratch and now it is a completely different beast.
Most of my X programs got packaged into mainstream distros this year. Including OpenBSD, the OS I use.

I achieved the "ricing peak" at the middle of this year. I had spent too much time on 2020 testing new themes and programs to have the perfect desktop. But now I am so comfortable with my desktop that it has not changed for months.

This was a boring year IRL, not that different from 2020. Except for a few things, like a bigger covid belly, nothing relevant happened.

RE: Retrospective 2021 - jkl - 19-12-2021

I won’t speculate about my 2021 before I arrived in 2022.

RE: Retrospective 2021 - venam - 23-12-2021

(19-12-2021, 03:45 PM)seninha Wrote: Weirdly, this small school project of mine got popular and there was a course using it.
That's really cool, I like the serendipity of life.

On the retrospective, I usually do these on my blogs every few months. Here's the last one, but it's from May. It's usually updates about books I've read, projects I've done, new ascii arts I've drawn, etc..
Since then I've finished writing a book/booklet on internet narrative control, and posted a research on PipeWire/Audio on Linux mostly. It got popular, I received a lot of good comments about it, as it filled the void in the documentation, it's even listed in the official one now. This type of blog posts/writings that fill the gap where the documentation/topic is clumsy and hard to understand, is always good to have.
In August I started pondering about life and wrote this piece (yeah, non-tech).
In September, my company proposed to some employees to work remotely from anywhere they wanted and got us a budget for it. This is partly because the situation in the country I'm living in is precarious (socially, physically, and economically — I've lost all my savings in an economic crash). I spent the month of September in Istanbul, Turkey, with a colleague and had a wonderful time there. Afterward in October I spent two weeks in Paris, France to visit my gf and brother which recently moved there for studies/internships. I hadn't seen them in a while with the pandemic and all.
When I got back I started focusing on studying tech that would open opportunities to work next to them and algorithms to be able to passed those pesky interview questions. We've also set an alternative energy solution in my house: we installed solar panels.
I'm still checking if I could work remotely from France, from a legal perspective, for my current company and if my salary would cover the cost of living.
Maybe we should open a thread, like we discussed on IRC, about what jobs we do or work-stories. What do you think?

It's been an unusual year, to say the least. What about you?

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