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RIP, Bram Moolenaar - ckester - 08-08-2023

I'd noticed that updates to vim's git repository has recently been more sporadic than usual. Now I know why and I'm even sadder.

RE: RIP, Bram Moolenaar - movq - 08-08-2023

Like many here, I use Vim every day. It's one of the most stable and reliable pieces of software that I know. I think I reported a bug *once*. Can't remember Vim ever crashing on me. Never lost a file.

Sad indeed. RIP. :(


RE: RIP, Bram Moolenaar - jkl - 08-08-2023

That solves the Emacs vs. Vim war. All of Emacs's "founders" are still alive. ;-)

Seriously though, Vim will probably survive. chrisbra and/or k-takata are most likely to just take over leadership duties as far as I understand. Still, I wonder how it will evolve without the BDFL.

RE: RIP, Bram Moolenaar - yakumo.izuru - 09-08-2023

(08-08-2023, 05:56 PM)jkl Wrote: Still, I wonder how it will evolve without the BDFL.
I fear that it could go the same way as Python does. And it's not a good one, at all

RE: RIP, Bram Moolenaar - wolf - 09-08-2023

Yeah, he has left us a legacy. Especially regarding to Open Source social responsibility.