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[C++] Ebook Mega Pack - jazzycool - 21-09-2012

Hello guys,
I thought of sharing this wonderful mega pack of c++, Hope this helps you guys.

Here is the direct link

Please comment your feedback.

RE: c++ MeGa PacK [E-BooKS] - jazzycool - 30-09-2012

Your welcome bro. Hope that is helpful to you.

RE: c++ MeGa PacK [E-BooKS] - rainbowdash - 21-11-2012

Thanks for shareing

RE: c++ MeGa PacK [E-BooKS] - josh - 20-01-2013

Thanks for the share!! Will take a look later on.

RE: c++ MeGa PacK [E-BooKS] - jazzycool - 25-01-2013

Yeah sure, I hope they help you out find your way.

RE: c++ MeGa PacK [E-BooKS] - Hans Hackett - 07-04-2013

thanks! It helps.
Currently study in "C language Primer"

RE: c++ MeGa PacK [E-BooKS] - benwaffle - 21-06-2013

you want a megapack?