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RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - rudylorren - 10-03-2014

(10-03-2014, 07:12 AM)Mafia Wrote:
[Image: f28aJa]
Shower me with your hate! My purple rains supreme!

Very nice :)

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - trgc - 10-03-2014

(09-03-2014, 12:24 AM)cyberpunkz Wrote: Heres another OpenBSD 5.5-beta (current) screenshot with TWM

[Image: openbsd_5_5_beta__current__with_twm_by_i...79gya2.png]

heres a video of OpenBSD 5.5-beta (current) using ffmpeg + my usb microphone on a host system screencast, showing how to setup compton composite manager on OpenBSD.


cyberpunkz, twm god.

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - Saos - 10-03-2014

(10-03-2014, 07:12 AM)Mafia Wrote:
[Image: f28aJa]
Shower me with your hate! My purple rains supreme!

Dat composite.

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - z3bra - 17-03-2014

À la française !

[Image: 2bwm-2014-03-17.png]

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - Neuromatic - 19-03-2014

^ I like your taste :P

And just because DotDev asked me in irc and I was not able to answer him quickly:
[Image: HFZxmqT.png]
DotDev Wrote:Is that ff in your scrot?

Yes, there are two files to make Firefox looks awesome. The first is UserChrome.css. This file contains all about Firefox Interface itselfs. Put it in
The other file is UserContent.css. Use this file to overwrite any content of Website you visit often and put it in the same directory as UserChrome.css. Just use your favorite search engine and type 'UserChrome.css". There are many realy good exemples and a nice doc from mozilla.

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - DotDev - 20-03-2014

Arch Linux | 2BWM | PragmataPro

[Image: fRiiywp.png]

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - berk - 21-03-2014

Where can I get Pragmata Pro?

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - DotDev - 21-03-2014

Click Here

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - Deliverance - 22-03-2014

[Image: 7FQc7wm.png]

2bwm on Debian still working on stuff

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - yrmt - 25-03-2014

[Image: jtTBP3E.png]

My not so rice FreeBSD 10 desktop.