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Bought a cheap laptop. [Gentoo] - Robby - 22-09-2012

So I bought this for forty pounds and its incredibly cheap. I'm thinking of putting Gentoo, Slackware and FreeBSD on there. I might replace Slackware with Debian with the FreeBSD kernel but I'm not sure yet.. Share your thoughts?

  • Duelcore Intel
  • 2BG RAM
  • 120GB HDD
  • 15.4" Widescreen
  • Optical Disc Drive
  • 4 USB Hubs
  • VGA-out
  • Wlan/Ethernet

RE: Bought a cheapshit laptop. [Gentoo/Slackware/FreeBSD] - Jayro - 22-09-2012

I am a Debian guy myself, so that is what I would recommend. My 1 Gig of Ram, Intel Atom 1.6GHZ netbook has no problem with Debian. However, I have not yet tried BSD.

RE: Bought a cheapshit laptop. [Gentoo/Slackware/FreeBSD] - Robby - 22-09-2012

Yeah I kinda decided I couldn't be bothered downloading the other images so I've decided to use Gentoo for the entire drive. I've created the filesystem, extracted the stage3 tarball and now I'm about to fetch the snapshot and then compile portage.

RE: Bought a cheapshit laptop. [Gentoo] - yrmt - 22-09-2012

Put FreeBSD on it and use pkgng.

RE: Bought a cheapshit laptop. [Gentoo] - Robby - 22-09-2012

I got to the make.conf and I really couldn't be bothered typing all that shit. I'm downloading the FreeBSD image now and I'm going to install that on it instead. There's no point in walking backwards.

RE: Bought a cheapshit laptop. [Gentoo] - Mafia - 22-09-2012

Sounds like my laptop, but it runs AMD not Intel :/
OpenBSD would be the best in my opinion, it's more suited for laptops anyways. But I'm also a OpenBSD fan so I WILL BE BIASED. :)

RE: Bought a cheapshit laptop. [Gentoo] - Robby - 22-09-2012

I may install OpenBSD, I' tried Debian with the BSD kernel and it took forever to boot then once logging in it just shows the logging in loading cursor for more than fifteen minutes whilst the other buttons were responsive. Just pathetic, I've already started installing regular Debian with Linux kernel now.

RE: Bought a cheap laptop. [Gentoo] - gholen - 10-10-2012

OnT. I'd say Slackware, FreeBSD or Arch Linux.

OfT. FreeBSD gives you a good chanse to learn true UNIX, while Slackware and Arch is so close to vanilla as they can be in Linux. And thats a really good thing. You HAVE to make everything yourself, thus learning in the process. Debian is a good alternative tough.

RE: Bought a cheap laptop. [Gentoo] - Robby - 11-10-2012

Cheers, Thought I'd update I put FreeBSD on it.

RE: Bought a cheap laptop. [Gentoo] - Mafia - 11-10-2012

NeoTerra, what are you using atm?
I forgot.
Lol, sorry for off topic.