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geek-sources. (gentoo) - simon - 28-09-2012

If you are using gentoo/funtoo/pentoo u might want to use geek-sources.
emerge layman
layman -a init6
vim/nano -w /etc/make.conf
and put,
source /var/lib/layman/make.conf
dont forget to emerge --sync after that.

[Image: vZm81NA]

USE="branding grsecurity bfq" emerge geek-sources
Will give you branding(gentoo bradning) grsecurity patches and bfq patches.
if u are using genkernel just,
genkernel --menuconfig all
edit grub to your needs.

RE: geek-sources. - simon - 29-09-2012

Information about ck/bfs can be read HERE

And most of the other things can be found HERE

bld information HERE

RE: geek-sources. - yrmt - 29-09-2012

Thanks you for this, simon ;)