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Hello *nixer,
I wrote a small python script to upload your files to the pastebin of unixhub.

It depends on python2, and python-mechanize module.

You are free to edit the code and improve it.

Note: there's a problem with the "\" on paste.unixhub so maybe you won't be able to see the "\n" (end line).

EDIT: You can find the new uploader [here]( .

RE: pastebin CLI - yrmt - 30-09-2012

Thanks for this neat tool ;)

RE: pastebin CLI - TheHotBot - 30-09-2012

Awesome venam!
Many thanks

RE: pastebin CLI - Mafia - 30-09-2012

Thats great man, good job :>

RE: pastebin CLI - Nihility - 30-09-2012

wish I could code like you

RE: pastebin CLI - venam - 01-10-2012

EDIT: [link](