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systemd - simon - 25-10-2012

systemd sucks. People using it cannot take criticism.

RE: systemd - Reindeer11 - 25-10-2012

(25-10-2012, 12:55 PM)simon Wrote: systemd sux. and people using it cannot take critisism.

I will point out that your grammar is very bad and I also haven't seen a Systemd user which can't take criticism, including myself.

But tell me why you think Systemd users can't take criticism and why Systemd is bad. :)

RE: systemd - Mafia - 25-10-2012

Please elaborate on why it sucks, rather then making a bland statement?

RE: systemd - Dritz - 26-10-2012

I suck... on straws from time to time, and I won't take any criticism pertaining to the subject!

[Image: talk_to_the_hand.jpg]

RE: systemd - Mafia - 26-10-2012

(26-10-2012, 12:33 AM)Dritz Wrote: I suck... on straws from time to time, and I won't take any criticism pertaining to the subject!

[Image: talk_to_the_hand.jpg]

Lol, I liked that.

RE: systemd - simon - 26-10-2012

Haha cool. :)
Well the reasons are quite a few, and I must run right now.
Arch linux *people* either had to leave Arch if they didn't like it, or they have to like it anyway.
It doesn't boot faster as everybody says it does.

RE: systemd - venam - 26-10-2012

I will state what I think and believe about systemd.
I'm an Arch user so I had to try it out or at least adapt my init scripts so they could work with the changing system.
I did this for a while but wanted to try this systemd.
I read and used the online documentation to move to it.
At first I tried reading the man page... It's an horror movie!
Following that I found a little pdf explaining really well how to use systemd and it helped me a lot.

From this point on I tried to adapt myself to systemd way of managing the system, which is more complete and complex then the system V way of doing things.

The boot process is not faster and I don't like not being able to see what is happening at boot time because it shows too much things moving too fast.

system V is simple and efficient, systemd is complex and away from the config files.

RE: systemd - simon - 26-10-2012

You have to manage everything with systemctl, and it sucks. It ignores inittab, there are tons of symlinks all over the place, and it just sucks. It's horrible to make new services.

RE: systemd - zygotb - 26-10-2012

Fedora uses systemd, and F17 runs exceedingly well on my 4 year old netbook.

RE: systemd - CrossFold - 26-10-2012

I hate the systemd in Arch Linux' recent update as well.. But maybe, people who love Arch may want to learn systemd or just move to some other similar distribution or probably build up their own system.. But for me, I need something quick and easily handled, so I'll be on the distro search again.. Kinda annoyed of it now...