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New Skate stuff! - jolia - 06-11-2012

Yow, two pics of my new skate gear after the break of a truck...

[Image: 1Xvla.jpg]

[Image: MUiuX.jpg]

Tell me what do you think :)

PS: sorry for the damn too high res...

Keep ridin'


RE: New Skate stuff! - TheHotBot - 06-11-2012

Nice, this is my gear:
[Image: cg95B.jpg]

RE: New Skate stuff! - bottomy - 10-11-2012

Nice stuff. I like graphic :).

I just got back into skating recently. I'll post a pic of some of my stuff, nothing new though, just stuff left from when I used to skate. But the current set is still good, only has a chip on the front and the tail is wearing quite a bit. So I still use that.

[Image: 19032908374.png]

All my other stuff is just old decks and trucks and stuff, nothing much to see. Since it's all completely worn out. Though one of the decks I actually got from Omar Salazar which was pretty cool.

RE: New Skate stuff! - zygotb - 11-11-2012

Back in my day I had a Caster deck with Tracker Half-tracks and Bones wheels.
And another one was a DogTown deck, with ACS 651's rolling on Road Rider IV's.


But I started off with an "Iron Knight" board... I don't know what kind of trucks it had, but the wheels were metal.
I broke my arm on that board. LMAO!

RE: New Skate stuff! - jolia - 11-11-2012

Nice Girl board bottomy! Keep ridin' dude! It's awesome. Just started again, it's fucking wicked :)

A DogTown deck? I need to google that now! Btw I don't know at all "Iron Knight" too... Metal wheels? Really? Dafuq! Are you still riding 29a?

OMG yeah DogTown decks look epic! Very oldschool, directly come from The Lords Of Dogtown, this is a fucking great movie :) Have you seen it dudes?

RE: New Skate stuff! - zygotb - 11-11-2012

I can't really find any good pictures of the bowl at Cooper Center, but the last time I went there, I tried dropping in but stepped too far forward, ended up doing a faceplant off the highest part of the bowl. :)
It was the first time I'd ever been knocked out skating.

[Image: 0.jpg]

But, yeah, when I was 13 or so, I was a skate punk. (those days are long gone!)

RE: New Skate stuff! - jolia - 11-11-2012

Ah yeah nice!

Oh btw I just got that you are d9u right?

Nice pic dude! Would love to ride it :)

RE: New Skate stuff! - yrmt - 30-01-2013


not as cool tho.