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openGL robot - venam - 13-11-2012

Hello *nixer,
This little thread is just about me showing off!
At university I'm taking a GUI course that teach us how to use openGL.
Last Friday we had an exam with the only following question:
"Do me a robot!"
At first I simply did a donut robot, the body is a donut.
This was a great start but not satisfying.
Yesterday I watched a really weird, psychedelic movie called 'DeadLeaves'. There was a scene with a robot.
I decided to recreate this robot in **3D mode**.
Here we go, for my personal pleasure and satisfaction:
[Image: EaM]

RE: openGL robot - yrmt - 13-11-2012

This looks awesome dude :)

RE: openGL robot - venam - 13-11-2012

Thanks a lot Beastie .
I am farily new to openGL but not with 3d , 3 years ago I used to play with blender.
I wasn't so good with blender because it was too complicated for me at the time.