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Linux Hate Course. - venam - 15-11-2012

Hello *nixer,
I've found this little article, not so well written, but visually talking by itself.

[Image: NOVr]

[Image: 78z]

[Image: iubZEB]

[Image: cITniy]

Here is the link to it :

Let us know what you think of this!
PS: If you find the original program and courses given by MS or some other informations to add feel free to bump this thread with it.

RE: Linux Hate Course. - gurhush - 15-11-2012

I saw this on /g/ months ago. Hilarious. If I remember correctly there are maybe a few more images.. I will try to find them because I believe I have them.

RE: Linux Hate Course. - bash - 20-11-2012

Wow, that is unbelievable...

RE: Linux Hate Course. - Dritz - 20-11-2012

Amazing! I shutter when I remember how much I considered working at my local Best Buy...

I get so pissed every time I buy a computer there. (Or when someone else does)

All of the time I have to spend cleaning up the crap they preinstall in addition to the factory's program preinstallations.

It's all crap!