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NeXTTHREAD - ampharos - 13-01-2013

The entire reason why I told Beastie to make this board.

Anyways, I'm your source of NeXT posts of /r/unixporn. Discuss NeXT OSes of NEXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, and Rhapsody.

Anyways, make your own [OPENSTEP]( or [Rhapsody](

RE: NeXTTHREAD - D9u - 15-02-2013


Yes, MS-DOS.
Where I began.

RE: NeXTTHREAD - D9u - 16-02-2013

Lol... Yeah, it sucks, but it's where I began. I never really used any of the NeXT* OS'.

RE: NeXTTHREAD - Okeg - 21-03-2013

NeXT Loosers, see you back on Genera! ;)

RE: NeXTTHREAD - wanda - 14-10-2013

[Image: 4LEGTd9.png]

the reason I'll always use NeXTSTEP

RE: NeXTTHREAD - yrmt - 14-10-2013

B-but, you can get that on many modern OS with gnu step!

RE: NeXTTHREAD - wanda - 15-10-2013

it's not the same.