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Customization Tips - yrmt - 22-07-2012

This is old, but I thought some users could use it.

Mac OS X Customization:

All of these are for Snow Leopard and might work on Lion :

1) The Desktop :

a) Bowtie: Allows you to control iTunes from desktop, there are a lot of themes and it can be really sexy! It also allows you to control iTunes with your iPhone or iPad. Here's a screen-shot:

link =>

b ) Geektool: a conky for Mac OS X. Works with shell scripts:

[Image: geektool.JPG]

Link =>

-- Geektool Scripts :

- Here's a pictures of all the geektool scripts I have, if you want one of these, just ask !

[Image: MvvDu.png]

There are also other interesting scripts like weather with pictures, facebook statuses, etc.

c) DragThings:A second dock, highly customizable, and it can be really helpful:
[Image: SimpleOne_Dragthing_Theme_by_StefanKa.png]
theme here:

2) Dock:

Modify your dock :

In the "/system/library/coreservices/"
folder, the files scurve-l.png, scurve-m.png, scurve-xl.png, scurve-sm.png, separator.png
and the indicators.png can be replaced by new ones you can make with Photoshop or The GIMP.

Here's mine for example:

[Image: dockd.png]

I like it very simple.

Link => here are some great docks:

Change Finder and Trash icons:

go to "/system/library/coreservices/"

You will find a finder.png icon and trashempty.png & trashfull.png

Here's an example:

[Image: 01894_metaltrash.jpg]

By the way, you can modify everything in the dock,
3) Menubar:

a) Menustrip: Allows you to launch applications from the menu-bar:

[Image: menustrip.png]

Link =>

b ) Istat Menus: Information in your menu-bar like CPU, temperature, etc.

[Image: istat.png]

Link =>

c) Menubar Customization:

You can invert the menu-bar colours and make it black.

[Image: menuf.png]

Link =>

You can hide the menu-bar:

[Image: hide-mac-menu-bar.jpg]

Link (paid) =>

Here's another way, it wont work with finder, chrome but it's free !
=> Unzip the menubarhider download, and place the MenuBarHider.bundle file into /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugin folder.

4) Finder:

a) Get tabbed windows:

[Image: thumb-showcase-dual-mode.png]

Link =>

5) Login screen:

a) Change the login screen background: "/system/library/coreservices/DefaultDesktop.jpg"

Here's an example:
[Image: loginscreen.jpg]

The icons are there:


You will find interesting icons, such as ShutDown.png which appears when you press shutdown button. you can modify it with these commands in the terminal:

- First you have to make a backup of the old one:

sudo mv /System/Library/CoreServices/ /System/Library/CoreServices/

- And then copy you new one: let's say it's called icon.png and is in your downloads dir:

mv ~/Downloads/icon.png /System/Library/CoreServices/

- Reboot and when logged, press shutdown button, you will see the difference.

- Here's mine:

[Image: shutdownbutton.png]

- I'm pretty sure you noticed you could change a lot of icons in that directory like restart, logout, sleep, forwardbutton... have fun !

6) Boot Screen:

Link =>

Here's an example:

[Image: booimage1.png?w=590&h=393]

7) Customize your Terminal:


Here's a good guide on how to customize your ps1 variable:

Here's mine currently:

[Image: terma.png]

Here's my ps1

PS1='\[\e[0;34m\]┌──[\[\e[0;34m\]\[\e[0;31m\]\u\[\e[0;32m\]@\[\e[0;35m\]\h\[\e[0;34m\]]\[\e[m\]\[\e[0;34m\]──\[\e[0;34m\][\[\e[0;31m\]\w\[\e[m\]\[\e[0;34m\]] \n\[\e[0;34m\]└──\e[0;31m\]─ \[\e[m\]\[\e[0;32m\]'

Here's how to do it:
To modify your PS1, a variable you must edit the bash configuration file. It is non-user specific.
the file is in /etc/bashrc

Looks like this :
# System-wide .bashrc file for interactive bash(1) shells.
if [ -z "$PS1" ]; then

# PS1 ;)

PS1='\[\e[0;34m\]   ^  ^  \[\e[0;34m\]\[\e[0;31m\]\u\[\e[0;32m\]@\[\e[0;  $

# Make bash check its window size after a process completes

shopt -s checkwinsize

# Some of my aliases
alias ls='ls -GalF'
alias rmy='rm -rf'
alias bashrc='sudo nano /etc/bashrc'
alias tar='tar -xzdf'
alias bash_completion='nano /etc/bash_completion'
open this text file with root permissions:
sudo nano /etc/bashrc

and then ctrl+x to exit and enter to save

8) Iterm:it's a great replacement for the terminal.

It's easily customizable, can be split vertically and horizontally and can be used full screen;
Here's how mine looks like:
vim - mpd/ncmpcpp - weechat-curses ...
Ask if you have questions !

Then copypaste my ps1 or modify it as you wish.

RE: Customization Tips - CrossFold - 20-04-2013

Makes me want to buy a Mac!

RE: Customization Tips - zygotb - 22-04-2013

Once again, Beastie shows us how it's done.

RE: Customization Tips - yrmt - 23-04-2013

That thread is old :P I will update it some time

RE: Customization Tips - benwaffle - 02-06-2013

(23-04-2013, 08:51 AM)Beastie Wrote: That thread is old :P I will update it some time
bumping for an update

RE: Customization Tips - yrmt - 02-06-2013

I'm writing a big guide with Phyrne on how OS X so I don't think I'll ever update this thread.

RE: Customization Tips - benwaffle - 02-06-2013

Can i check it out and possibly help out?

RE: Customization Tips - yrmt - 02-06-2013

Of course

RE: Customization Tips - benwaffle - 02-06-2013

(02-06-2013, 05:53 PM)Beastie Wrote: Of course

where might i find it?

RE: Customization Tips - yrmt - 02-06-2013

Now right now, wait a few days when phyrne comes back from Scotland.

RE: Customization Tips - benwaffle - 19-06-2013

any progress???

RE: Customization Tips - yrmt - 19-06-2013

Yes, we finished a brainstorming a few days ago. We need to take some time to progress more.

RE: Customization Tips - dionysus - 04-07-2013

Bump for interest

RE: Customization Tips - yrmt - 04-07-2013

The project has been moving slowly but surely, don't worry.

RE: Customization Tips - Mafia - 04-07-2013

How to customize a mac:
Remove everything but the shell, throw the innards away and put something decent inside the shell.
Wabam! You have yourself a sweet ass custom mac.

RE: Customization Tips - yrmt - 04-07-2013

It's also about having alternatives for the graphical stuff on Mac OS X like the system preferences.

RE: Customization Tips - Mafia - 05-07-2013

(04-07-2013, 09:42 PM)Beastie Wrote: It's also about having alternatives for the graphical stuff on Mac OS X like the system preferences.
I joke my friend.