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I hate OWA - venam - 05-02-2013

Hello *nixers,
This thread is about me beeing frustrated about OWA (outlook webapplication).
I'm in a university that uses this OWA thing to manage almost everything and I recently had a lot of problem setting it up.
I was not able to find how tto set up any rules, nor IMAP, nor SMTP... I just wanted to be able to access my mail from another program then my browser.
here is what it looked like:
[Image: nNHP]

What I had to do to make it work is only change the user agent to something more "windows" like and take a look at the same page:
[Image: w7azll]


RE: I hate OWA - zygotb - 06-02-2013

I'm totally against nearly everything related to MicroSoft.
It's great that you could at least add something better.

RE: I hate OWA - Jayro - 06-02-2013

If you look in the bottom right corner of your first screenshot, they are using a Microsoft Exchange server for their mail. I believe you can add this to any mail client that supports exchange services, ie Thunderbird.

RE: I hate OWA - venam - 06-02-2013

Jayro , I added it in my mail client it's just that at first I didn't know what was the smtp server name and the imap.
Now I won't ever open the webinterface again.

RE: I hate OWA - venam - 06-02-2013

They may not even know what imap is. This is hopeless, indeed!