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Well hello there! - Derby - 04-03-2013


It's been a while since I've mooched around any forums so thought I best get back involved.

I was quite active on joomscrap about 18 months ago under the aliases Devio & Derby... I found my way here by stalking Beastie a little bit.

Anyway, I like IT security etc. and I'm doing a bit of research for IPv6 stuff which was on hold for a few months but that is getting back underway along with my other geekery so hopefully I can make this my new home if you guys don't mind.

Anyway, I'd have cringed at whatever I'd written here so I'm going to try not to obsess over it.


RE: Well hello there! - Jayro - 04-03-2013

Welcome aboard! Hope to see you around the forum!

RE: Well hello there! - Test-Run - 04-03-2013

Welcome Ric!


RE: Well hello there! - yrmt - 04-03-2013

Welcome back!

RE: Well hello there! - venam - 04-03-2013

Lol another stalker!
Makes me think of someone.

RE: Well hello there! - Derby - 05-03-2013

Thank you for the warm welcome!

RE: Well hello there! - D9u - 06-03-2013

Welcome, and don't forget the IRC channel.

RE: Well hello there! - Derby - 06-03-2013

I have been on IRC a bit, will be on whenever I can.

I might have to get used to the web client when I'm on my Windows computer, mIRC seems to be being grumpy at me.

RE: Well hello there! - zygotb - 10-03-2013

Opera browser has an IRC client which works fairly well.