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DWM Configs. - yrmt - 23-07-2012

My config from january.

[Image: 299.png]


The font is my mod of cure by Artwiz.


And the dwm.c file.


If you have any requests, let me know.

RE: DWM Configs. - lembas - 25-07-2012

[Image: carl01.png]
Font is same as Beastie's above.

config.h and dwm.c.

RE: DWM Configs. - fb0x - 26-07-2012

[Image: grid.jpg]

pertag, systray, bstack/bstackhoriz, grid/gaplessgrid....


RE: DWM Configs. - htor - 29-07-2012

Used this simple setup for a while now:

[Image: tZXd1Nw] [Image: tZXd1Ng] [Image: tZXd1OA] [Image: tZXd1OQ]

Dwm with various patches (pertag, bstack, statuscolors ++): [config.h](
and a statusbar I wrote in C: [dwmst](

The music player is ncmpcpp (MPD client).

RE: DWM Configs. - simon - 22-08-2012

[Image: sCZBD]




default-dwm-sprinkles no extra patches. [GET IT HERE](

RE: DWM Configs. - htor - 24-08-2012

(22-08-2012, 11:47 AM)simon Wrote:
[Image: sCZBD]




default-dwm-sprinkles no extra patches. [GET IT HERE](
What foul words that name your workspaces! ;-)

RE: DWM Configs. - simon - 24-08-2012

(24-08-2012, 07:12 AM)htor Wrote:
(22-08-2012, 11:47 AM)simon Wrote:
[Image: sCZBD]




default-dwm-sprinkles no extra patches. [GET IT HERE](
What foul words that name your workspaces! ;-)

oh yeah :)

RE: DWM Configs. - cyberpunkz - 16-02-2014

Hey yrmt. i grab the artwiz-cure font and i have everything sorted i mean it shows it up in xfontsel. I use the program gbdfed to see where u put the chars , and well of course converted the font to bdf to see where u place them.

i edit my dwm config.h file with the font in the correct place i added the icons i want by doing \x85 for one example a few times it did show the icon font on the bar and most times i dont see it.

The font looks like its being used , but just gaps between the tags when there should be a icon there.

any idea why my icons are not showing up?

i'm using the default dwm 6 source, not the one from freebsd ports, and i know the fonts work when they want to work i have a screenshot of them working.

Screenshot to show that they do show up and its suppose to look like this:
[Image: dwm6_with_icons_on_dwm_statusbar_by_ipod...76mlyx.png]

heres another screenshot how they look now. and the icons don't show up on the dwm tags just show nothing with a space instead.

[Image: now_dwm_6_not_showing_the_icons_on_the_b...76nkpd.png]

if anything i'm doing wrong , please let me know. this is driving me nuts why they are not working.. and its a tease when the did popped up and never again since :(


RE: DWM Configs. - yrmt - 16-02-2014

What are you using to put the font code? I used ctrl+v+u + code.

RE: DWM Configs. - cyberpunkz - 16-02-2014

hmm still no luck i tried that in vim ctrl+v+u gives me ^U + code i done \x8B . just shows a u . may i ask what are the format... is it \x8B or 0x8b or do u need something else. gah this is doing me head in.. something so simple, and can't even work.

RE: DWM Configs. - kirby - 17-02-2014

I keep all my dwm configs (including screenshots) on my GitHub if anyone's interested.