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Hi Guys - j0lly - 06-04-2013

Hi everybody,

I actually dunno how and why i spot this place, but seems a very very good once! my first post was in fact a Thnaks post for a python document pack ^.^
I hope to find good people, good conversations and good arguments in this community!

abount me...
I've recently started as Sysadmin but i love *nix from a lot before.
My main concerns are about Networking and Security as the fields i would like to learn more and more!



RE: Hi Guys - yrmt - 06-04-2013

Hello j0lly! You're welcome here :)

RE: Hi Guys - zygotb - 07-04-2013

Welcome to Unix Hub sir.

RE: Hi Guys - Hans Hackett - 07-04-2013

This way, sir. :)