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Hey guys - pigpenguin - 12-04-2013

Hello I am pigpenguin, and I hail from sunny Southern California and for fun I write code and work on robots. Recently I decided to ditch windows and switch over to Linux for good. So I installed arch because I like knowing how my things work and being able to customize them. I found out about Unix Hub through /r/unixporn, lurked for a bit, and it looks like a cool community with cool people so I decided to jump in. Guess that's it, see you around the forums.

RE: Hey guys - venam - 12-04-2013

New cool members!
In all seriousness, welcome to the matrix.

RE: Hey guys - yrmt - 12-04-2013

Welcome :)

RE: Hey guys - Hans Hackett - 13-04-2013

Welcome penguin :)