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Hey hey - dunz0r - 13-04-2013


I'm dunz0r. I reside in Enköping, Sweden.

I've used Linux for roughly 10 years now. I work as a network technician and when I'm not working I'm often building robots or reading.

I found this forum from a screenshot on /r/unixporn and found it interesting. Since screenshots are mentioned, I'll share my current laptop setup: Link

RE: Hey hey - yrmt - 13-04-2013

Hello and welcome! Nice screenshot :)

RE: Hey hey - venam - 13-04-2013

Hello there!
"It is your destiny."
- Darth Vader

RE: Hey hey - zygotb - 14-04-2013

Welcome to Unix Hub!
I've never heard of "shotgen." Thanks for sharing.