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Help with CWM - Mafia - 04-05-2013

So I've rooted me device, installed ROM manager, ClockworkMod, and CM7.
I have my backups in place, and everything ready to go. All I have left to do is boot into CWM, flash and install the custom ROM...the problem is CWM won't fucking boot. It took me 4 damn hours to set this up and I am on my final step and I can't complete it, im pissed. The phone I am doing this on is a Hauwei Ascend, it's quite old(Android 2.1) but it was widely supported during it's time so I have tons of information. My key problem is booting CWM, any ides?

RE: Help with CWM - Mafia - 05-05-2013

(05-05-2013, 12:24 AM)NeoTerra Wrote: I have no experience in this area :/

Don't reply then noob.

RE: Help with CWM - itched - 13-05-2013

You said you have rom manager. I haven't used rom manager for a while, but it used to have a "reboot into recovery" option. You could try that. I'm not super familiar with the Hauwei Ascend. Mainly HTC, Samsung & LG devices for me.

Try that option, if that still doesn't work, try goo manager:

That'll download & flash, like rom manager will, a recovery for your device.

RE: Help with CWM - Mafia - 13-05-2013

The Ascend had a glitch to where it never updated to google play, therefore I am still using the old android market and have only got a small portion of the available apps that are on Google Play today, therefore I have to use rom manager(Being that the market I have only displays this when I type in "Android ROMs"). The point of me doing this is to get google play. I tried that option first, and then tried it manually. It just hangs at the splash screen.

RE: Help with CWM - Mafia - 18-05-2013

Fixed it, Im running CM7, it's amazing(being that it's super super outdated).