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Hello Unix Hub - canute - 29-05-2013

Been lurking for a bit thought I would go ahead and introduce myself. Dig computers but really into networks, work at an ISP so its what I get to do everyday. Used Linux for years but just recently started using freeBSD not looking back. Love learning and look forward to watching the community grow.


RE: Hello Unix Hub - CrossFold - 29-05-2013

Welcome to UH canute.
I'm sure you are going to love the community. Feel free to put up questions if you have done your homework already.
And yea, join the IRC if you already aren't over there. #unixhub


RE: Hello Unix Hub - yrmt - 29-05-2013

Hello canute and welcome here!

RE: Hello Unix Hub - zygotb - 29-05-2013

Welcome to Unix Hub!

RE: Hello Unix Hub - canute - 30-05-2013

Thanks for the welcome!