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Hey Yall! - Deliverance - 10-07-2013

Well I never made post introducing myself so ya. I'm a computer enthusiast like everyone else on this board.
I have been using unix based operating systems since I was in grade 4 in school we ran Ubuntu(don't remember what version)
I never really got into customization and was never really that interested in computers until about 2-3 years ago.
I first became interested in computers when I found some old computer programming books of my parents.
I started off learning C++ but got frustrated and quit so my dad taught me HTML and I've been hooked on anything computer related since.
I know C#, Visual Basic, fairly fluentlt but not completely and I know the basics of Java, C, C++, Python, Ruby, Qbasic, Ajax, and javascript.
I love learning new things about computers and the way they work any chance I get it is litterly one of the main things that drives me in life as sad as that may sound :P.

So yeah rather belated introduction but there it is.

RE: Hey Yall! - venam - 10-07-2013

"Well normally when someone do an introduction thread I roll fortune until I find something interesting but today I don't feel like it" -- quote

RE: Hey Yall! - Robby - 10-07-2013

Welcome aboard :)

RE: Hey Yall! - jmbi - 10-07-2013

Welcome! Your visual basic knowledge my not be very useful here, but you'll fit right in.

RE: Hey Yall! - kopri - 10-07-2013

Nice introduction, and welcome!

RE: Hey Yall! - zygotb - 12-07-2013

I too was a VB programmer once upon a time.
Similarly, I also see computers, and the net, as a driving force in my life.
I've been able to substitute an addiction to alcohol with the net.
I only wish that I could have had the net a lot earlier.

It's good to see you here again, and you know that you're always welcome, as well as appreciated, here on Unix Hub.

RE: Hey Yall! - kopri - 13-07-2013

I know how you feel! I don't know where I would be without the Internet, and computers. I've always been on the net and working with computers, but after I got clean I really got into Unix type OS's and it has been a life saver. I feel kind of idiotic saying it, but playing around with BSD and Linux may have saved my life.

RE: Hey Yall! - shtols - 13-07-2013

Quote:I feel kind of idiotic saying it, but playing around with BSD and Linux may have saved my life.
You don't need to feel idiotic. This, partially, applies to me too.

RE: Hey Yall! - Deliverance - 13-07-2013

Just incase you guys were confused I'm Deliverance in IRC lol.

RE: Hey Yall! - dionysus - 13-07-2013

lol I thought you were someone new.

RE: Hey Yall! - kopri - 13-07-2013

Yeah I don't think we would be okay with someone name jacking you!

RE: Hey Yall! - Deliverance - 14-07-2013

Well I would change my name on the forum but I don't see the option in the control panel to do so :P

RE: Hey Yall! - yrmt - 14-07-2013

PM me for that.