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Ay! - Evolution - 23-07-2012

So first things first, my names Anthony, I've been using various linux distros for about 5-6 years now with most of that time spent between fedora and arch.

My knowledge is pretty limited, mostly consisting of common problems I've had to solve on my own (My google-fu is strong) and things I've picked up from the guys on irc and elsewhere (you know who you are)

I typically prefer linux over windows for anything other than gaming and tend to get others into using it whenever I can. (I haven't used BSD, or a Mac OS)

I like helping people out to the best of my abilities, though I can be incredibly spiteful when I'm pissed off or taken for granted.

RE: Ay! - yrmt - 23-07-2012

Hello Evolution, good to see you here!

RE: Ay! - crshd - 24-07-2012

Hello there.

I've starting using Linux with Fedora myself, and switched to Arch shortly thereafter :D

RE: Ay! - Reki - 24-07-2012

Welcome to UH, Evolution. Hope you enjoy it here. :)