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Hello Friends! - Kyzz - 01-08-2013

Hello all! I figured I would make an account on the fourms since I've been in IRC for a little while now...

I'm a unix noob but I hope to learn quite a bit. I'm going to college for essentially programming, and I'm from boring old Ohio.

So hello!

RE: Hello Friends! - kirby - 01-08-2013

Hi Kyzz!

I believe I've talked to you on the IRC already. Welcome to the forums.

RE: Hello Friends! - shtols - 01-08-2013

We've had a chat. Ohai!

RE: Hello Friends! - Kyzz - 02-08-2013

Thank you I appreciate it!

RE: Hello Friends! - D9u - 05-08-2013

Greetings, and welcome to Unix Hub.