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hey guys - blerud - 07-08-2013

Sup guys, I'm a high school student from California. I've actually been using Linux for a while, dual booted with Windows, and only recently have I stumbled upon this site. Currently I'm using Arch Linux, having come from Ubuntu. I've dabbled in other distros, but I enjoy Arch the most.

I do enjoy programming and gaming, though I'm not as proficient in coding as many of you are.

RE: hey guys - yrmt - 07-08-2013

Welcome blerud, I hope you'll enjoy your stay at UnixHub :)

RE: hey guys - Android16 - 07-08-2013

Welcome! Funny how I've gone from Arch to Ubuntu haha (I'm lazy).

RE: hey guys - Phyrne - 08-08-2013

Welcome aboard blerud!

RE: hey guys - Robby - 12-08-2013

A Californian, Mhmm<3 Welcome aboard son.

RE: hey guys - jobss - 07-09-2013

Nice to have you apart of the community!

P.S. Say hi to Lady Gaga and George Lucas for me :D

RE: hey guys - srp - 07-09-2013

Welcome to UnixHub, blerud. Hope to see you on IRC soon. :)