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LPIC - Android16 - 07-08-2013

Has anyone here sat any LPIC exams before? Anyone got any other Linux certifications like Redhat or Suse?
I'm thinking about sitting the LPIC-1 exams since most of the objectives seem pretty straight forward. I see that the certification only lasts 5 years and I'm just about to start a new job on Monday which is not *nix related at all (it's all Windows as far as I know :( ) but I like to study for fun anyway and I don't have any certifications under my belt.

What are your thoughts?

RE: LPIC - shtols - 08-08-2013

I studied for the LPIC-1 about a year ago, for time reasons I had to stop. What bugged me most back then was that one hand some topics weren't asked with regard to newer development results (I'm not talking about yesterday's new kernel-near driver but about filesystem changes that have happend around five years ago.) and on the other hand they forced you to learn all sorts of really exotic flags for commands that you use around once in a lifetime and normally just look up in the manpages. Luckily at least the thing about old stuff in the questions has changed with the last revision, they also added IPv6 now which makes me especially happy.

Personally I'd prefer LPIC over RCSA or SCLP because it's not specific to any distribution (There was a separation between LPIC for Debian/Ubuntu and LPIC for Redhat some years ago, luckily it's long gone.) which is better if you don't apply for a job which explicitly requires Redhat or SuSe skills. I'd have a got for it, it's not that hard - I couldn't make it (:D) - and worth it, even if your certificate expires in five years. You should try to undergo the exam during a conference or something similar, there are mostly heavily discounted exams.

RE: LPIC - Android16 - 08-08-2013

I know Redhat exams are practical and hands on but LPIC is all multiple choice questions right?

@shtols. From LPI's FAQ:

Q. There are many questions about obscure options for commands. Why are we supposed to know them?
A. The goal of LPI's tests is to identify competent, experienced people from among unqualified people. Experienced people tend to know more of these options than inexperienced people. For example, an experienced IT professional might answer 70% of these questions correctly versus only 30% by novices. To ensure the validity of these questions during our item pilot testing process we investigate the quality of new pilot (unscored) test items. If nobody answers the item correctly (or if everybody does), the item is useless and is removed. All scored test items on our exams have characteristics that are useful in making the distinction between qualified and unqualified persons.

RE: LPIC - shtols - 09-08-2013

They are obviously talking the talk. But I still doubt them walking the walk.

RE: LPIC - eye - 16-08-2013

I'm LPIC-1 certified. I Had to take two exams for it (payed by my company where I work).

There are multiple choice questions and also just some free text questions. It is rather easy if you have some experience with Unix/Linux.

But still, some question are just distribution related, like dpkg and rpm. There are also some Xorg questions if I remember correctly (even cups).