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Getting into Vinyl. - Robby - 12-08-2013

I'm saving up to grab a half decent turntable vinyl record player roughly around £130/$200. I've got some work in dealing weed to a few pals and I'm selling a few things in order to scrape it up.

I'm not into Vinyl for the hi-fi audiophile stereotype especially having buying a player around only $200 it's going to be hard to get a rather decent one that could persuade someone over the long going digital vs analog debate. But I've heard about this warm sound and I have very high end headphones I could use with one so it's not like it would go to waste. It would still be half decent sound and I would genuinely love to start collecting some records.

I would love to play some Def Leppard, Aerosmith & The Eagles on one of them. A pal of mine has just bought a half decent one but he's moved to effing Scotland now so I can't have a test drive.

In other news, it was my best pals birthday the day before yesterday and we're celebrating it today with a half ounce and then a pissup party later in the evening. So if we could all just raise our blunts and wish him a happy birthday that would be great. He's also paying.

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - venam - 12-08-2013

Sorry, but what is this thread about, Your personal diary?

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - tbuck153 - 12-08-2013 and ebay mang that's where the goods are if you're like me and live nowhere near any decent record shops.

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - shtols - 12-08-2013

Officer, how high are you?

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - venam - 12-08-2013

Ok, then let's get back into the subject.
[Image: vinyl-1.jpg]
Aren't those things old?
If, yes, then how would a new pair of headphones fit in?

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - Robby - 14-08-2013

(12-08-2013, 05:48 PM)venam Wrote: They are still in production today but most cheap new turn tables are terribly built and the sound quality is horrid. A lot of turn tables have a 3.5 jack. You guys are thinking vintage turn tables.

The warm sound and sound quality is what i'm after, along with the new hobby of collecting my favorite vinyls.

Read this

The debate from CD over vinyl quality is still ongoing. Basically what you need to take into account is that most people use poorly built stereo 2.0 speakers. In order for brilliant sound quality and surround sound you'd need a decent PCI/PCI-e soundcard and decent built 5.1 speakers or 7.1 if you have a much bigger room. Same applies with turntables, if you have a cheap new one then it's not going to persuade anyone that CD audio quality is worse because it is in fact better when you play vinyls on that piece of shit.

You need a decent built record player at least an the entry level turntables to get a hunch of the real sound quality you see these turntables at $500+ produce.

On another note, I was stoned when I wrote the thread. I don't care. I thought a few people here would own a turntable.

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - yrmt - 15-08-2013

I'm also getting into vynil but I have no money for that so it'll have to wait a few months.

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - yrmt - 15-08-2013

I do own a few Beatles, Presley records :)

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - tbuck153 - 15-08-2013

I got lucky and found my dad's old turntable from '82. Replaced the stylus and good to go. I've got some old records from pops, some Dire Straights, Pink Floyd. Also some reggae/roots/dub albums I've been collecting. Haven't got any new wax in months though because as yrmt said, times are tough on me wallet.

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - Robby - 19-08-2013

I picked up a cheap Chinese one for temporary use until I get hold of the one I want from a car boot sale last night. I also picked up two records for 50 pence each. The Queens Greatest Hits and some Survivor. I've ordered the Hinder Take it to The Limit LP. My favorite band. I was surprised to see that almost all my favorite bands have Vinyl LP's out.

@Beastie+@Tbuck, I know what you mean. The records are expensive enough and getting a decent turn table is a bitch on expense.

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - dgz - 10-09-2013

i have a bunch but i'm saving up to buy a proper turntable, that's the main drawback i find. vinyl is the only way to go as far as collecting physical media though.

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - jobss - 10-09-2013

Trying to get my hands on some early 40's Classical records and 1920 Jazz records. Classical & Jazz sound way better on vinyl.

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - dgz - 10-09-2013

i found a recording of george gershwin's rhapsody in blue in a charity shop the other week.

RE: Getting into Vinyl. - xero - 08-08-2014

i also collect vinyl records. lots of bands still release music that way. especially local punk/hardcore/grind/metal bands in my area.

IMHO, the most important part of a vinyl setup is the needle. i spent $50 on my turntable and $25 on a gold diamond point needle. it make the record player sound 100x better! might i also suggest a pre-amp if, like me, you plan on recording old records to mp3/flac. i use a cheap behringer XENYX mixer to the line-in jack on my sound card, it works great.