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Intro. - Alexander - 24-07-2012

Hi, what's up?
I'm from HF. Just thought I'd write up a quick introduction.
I saw the signatures you all had, and figured i'd take a look around, seems sweet.
So, my name is Alexander! I'm from Sweden and I've been using Linux for about 3 months now.
Take care!

RE: Intro. - yrmt - 24-07-2012

Welcome Alexander!

RE: Intro. - Reki - 24-07-2012

Haven't seen you in HF, but that doesn't matter. You're one of those rare decent members. Hope you enjoy it here. :D

RE: Intro. - Alexander - 25-07-2012

Glad to hear it, Reki.
And thanks for the welcome guys! :)

RE: Intro. - Test-Run - 25-07-2012

Welcome Alexander