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Web Homepages. - yrmt - 24-07-2012

Share your custom homepage if you have one !

[Image: oiT8]

Originally found _here_.

RE: Web Homepages. - Jayro - 24-07-2012

I plan on making my own shortly. However, for now I am using this:

[Image: h6pm5.jpg]

RE: Web Homepages. - crshd - 24-07-2012

Of course I'm using my own. In a slightly modified version:

[Image: 1ejRP.png]

RE: Web Homepages. - lembas - 25-07-2012

I don't even think I have a home page, lol.

I just always load my previous tabs.

RE: Web Homepages. - D9u - 05-09-2012

Which one? (I use a few different ones)

[Image: OQtsx]

[Image: yFPLq]

Both written by myself, from scratch, on my phone, ergo the mobile formats.
(Motherboard on my laptop crapped out a few months ago and I haven't been able to afford a replacement yet.)

RE: Web Homepages. - deadgone - 05-09-2012

I should do this...

(24-07-2012, 10:22 PM)crshd Wrote: Of course I'm using my own. In a slightly modified version:

[Image: 1ejRP.png]

This is awesome.

RE: Web Homepages. - Nihility - 15-10-2012

I don't have time to make my own homepage so I copied someone else StartPage

RE: Web Homepages. - venam - 15-10-2012

I don't really have a homepage, I use the tabs I had the other time I closed the browser.

I use the option to not load them until selected, off course.
I also sync my browser to not loose everything.
EDIT: I stopped using the sync and started using a speed dial.