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ello - exaem - 27-09-2013

Some of you have probably seen me on IRC but for those who haven't, yo. I'm an avid programmer, decent at systems administration and I like to think I'm really awesome at web development. I'm also interested in current technology and lifting heavy shit.

RE: ello - jobss - 27-09-2013


I bet you can't lift a Ford truck. Those things are built tough.

RE: ello - exaem - 27-09-2013

I can lift them if I have a forklift :-)

RE: ello - shtols - 27-09-2013

Heavy shit .. pictures in my head. <3


RE: ello - kirby - 27-09-2013

Hey exaem! Pretty sure I've spoken to you on IRC, you seem like a cool guy.

RE: ello - venam - 27-09-2013

Hello exaem! Welcome to the Unix Hub.

RE: ello - Derby - 27-09-2013

Hi there, welcome!

RE: ello - kopri - 27-09-2013

Welcome, I hope you can really lift bro. That's what this forum is all about liftin and having bitches mirrin.

RE: ello - nrmc.dubz - 27-09-2013

Ello exaem, welcome to the forums

RE: ello - Hans Hackett - 28-09-2013

Welcome there ! :-)

RE: ello - zygotb - 29-09-2013

Lifting! What do you bench?
At my peak, about 18 years ago, I could barely bench 325. I blame it on the mechanical disadvantage of having long arms.

Anyhow... Welcome!

RE: ello - nrmc.dubz - 29-09-2013

Welcome to UnixHub, enjoy your membership

RE: ello - yrmt - 29-09-2013

Hello and welcome to UnixHub!