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HI guys - shaggysi0 - 29-09-2013

Hey guys, my name is Simon. I'm 28 currently living in the UK but relocating to the US soon.

Been lurking around IRC and the forum for a little while now. I've always been interested in Linux and have grown more interested in it within the past year, especially with the disappointing mess that was Windows 8.

I currently dual boot my laptop with Ubuntu, replacing Unity with AwesomeWM and enjoy this setup. I've found IRC and the forums an interesting read and there's always something new to try or play around with, it seems.

I enjoy UI customization and love seeing all the screenshots of people's rices that get posted. I'm still very much a novice at all this and have settled for what works for me, although I'm sure it could be loads better.


RE: HI guys - trgc - 29-09-2013

Welcome to the forums! A setup can always be better, no matter how advanced you get. That's the joy of becoming more advanced!

RE: HI guys - yrmt - 29-09-2013

Hello and welcome to UnixHub!

RE: HI guys - exaem - 29-09-2013

Welcome to UnixHub

RE: HI guys - venam - 30-09-2013

From novice to advance to wannabe haxor, everyone is welcome.

RE: HI guys - nrmc.dubz - 30-09-2013

Welcome to UnixHub, Simon :)

RE: HI guys - jobss - 30-09-2013

Ello mate!

Hope your ready to watch the disappointing version of Top Gear the US has. Although I do love Rutledge.