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Broadcom 4313 Guide - exaem - 01-10-2013

So I've been having trouble installing the Broadcom 4313 kernel modules on BSD and stumbled across a few guides on the internet detailing how to do it. However, everyone I followed seemed to mess it up and I'd end up getting kernel panics. Combining them all seemed to work.

Make sure you have the /usr/src kernel tree installed

Quote:ls /usr/src

If you don't, install it.

Make sure you have libiconv installed

Quote:cd /usr/ports/converters/libiconv; make; make install clean

Download the Broadcom BCM43 package installer

Quote:fetch; tar -xvzf Boadcom_BCM43xx_5.100.235.19_win5x.tgz

cd into the folder

Quote:cd Broadcom_BCM43xx_5.100.235.19_win5x/

install ndisulator


run ndisgen


follow these steps

Quote:Type 3 for "Convert driver"
INF Filename: bcmwl5.inf
SYS Filename: bcmwl564.sys (or bcmwl5.sys for FreeBSD-i386)
Firmware Files: kept empty

Copy the generated kernel module to /boot/modules

Quote:cp bcmwl564_sys.ko (bcmwl5_sys.ko if not 64 bit) /boot/modules

Edit your /etc/rc.conf with the following

#kld_list='bcmwl5_sys' if not 64 bit
ifconfig_wlan0="WPA SYNCDHCP”

Edit your /boot/loader.conf with the following

Setup your /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

ssid=”ssid here”
psk=”security code here”

No doubt I messed up somewhere in combining this so if you use it and run into a problem it's probably my fault and shouldn't be too had to fix.

RE: Broadcom 4313 Guide - bhamdani - 31-10-2013

Thank a lot.. now my broadcom 4313 work fine, just a note when creating bcmwl564_sys.ko i got problem with disapearing direktori "include" in /usr/sys/x86 every time when i running the last step ndisgen. So that i have to recreate kernel source tree (actually you just have to copy the "include" directory only) the work around is before running ndisgen make a backup first directory/folder "include" in /usr/src/x86 (cp -R /usr/src/x86/include /usr/src/x86/include.bak) and when creating driver with ndisgen before the last step cek again /usr/src/x86 and make sure there is folder "include" and if there is not just copy from "include.bak" before. Thx again for this guide...

RE: Broadcom 4313 Guide - zygotb - 08-11-2013

I've tried this multiple times with no success...
I go through all the steps without receiving any error messages but, when I reboot, the wifi card is not recognized and no ndis0 interface is present.

In the README I follow the steps but am confused as to whether I should run ndisgen while "make attach" is still connected to /usr/src or if I should run ndisgen after running "make detach."

I've tried both ways with no joy.

I've done the above with fresh installations of PC-BSD 9.2 as well as FreeBSD 9.2.

RE: Broadcom 4313 Guide - zygotb - 09-11-2013

Here are more instructions for the bcm4313 and ndisulator:

I haven't given up yet...

RE: Broadcom 4313 Guide - jobss - 13-11-2013

(09-11-2013, 05:03 PM)zygotb Wrote: Here are more instructions for the bcm4313 and ndisulator:

I haven't given up yet...

I would recommend Gentoo, its like BSD but has better support for newer systems because it is Linux based. Realistically I never really had any good luck with PC BSD.

RE: Broadcom 4313 Guide - exaem - 18-12-2013

(09-11-2013, 05:03 PM)zygotb Wrote: Here are more instructions for the bcm4313 and ndisulator:

I haven't given up yet...

Got the kernel sources installed?