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Firewalls - kopri - 06-10-2013

Well I love PF, and yesterday I finally got around to doing an iptables setup. While it's not as secure as I like, it's a start. Share your firewall and explain what it's for (desktop/server)! This is mine for my desktop that's running a webserver, DNS, and PGP key server here.

RE: Firewalls - exaem - 06-10-2013

the -s isn't really needed on all of them but otherwise it looks good to me

RE: Firewalls - kopri - 06-10-2013

Yeah I know I just threw that in there so I can go back and restrict traffic to where I want it to go. I really suck with iptables :(

RE: Firewalls - dcoppa - 07-10-2013

-A INPUT -m conntrack --ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT

is preferred.