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Hello! - Miyazeaux - 09-10-2013

Hi! My name's Will. I'm a programmer/UNIX enthusiast located in NYC. I currently use Arch Linux on my home machine and Mac OS X on my laptop.

I'm relatively new to the *nix game, only trying out my first Linux distribution about a year and a half ago. Since then, I've played around with a few, ultimately finding myself most comfortable with Arch Linux.

Seems like a nice community here, I'm excited to get to be a part of it.

RE: Hello! - yrmt - 09-10-2013

Welcome here!

RE: Hello! - berk - 09-10-2013

Welcome here!

RE: Hello! - venam - 09-10-2013

Welcome here!

RE: Hello! - srp - 09-10-2013

Welcome to UnixHub, Miyazeaux. Hope to see you on IRC soon!

RE: Hello! - jobss - 09-10-2013

Ahoy there, bro!

RE: Hello! - nrmc.dubz - 09-10-2013

Welcome on UnixHub Miyazeaux

RE: Hello! - zygotb - 30-11-2013

Welcome to the Hub!