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Oh HAI ! - z3bra - 12-10-2013

Hi everybody, after a few mothes of lurking /getting in touch with the community over IRC, I finally created this account. I hope it will be usefull ;)

Anyway, I'm z3bra, an apprentice in CS engineering. I discovered linux 2 years ago (oct. 2011, happy birthday) with ubuntu. I switched to arch 5 month later and now, most of my computers run this (server, desktop, laptop, school VM).
I also have set up CRUX on my notebook for basic operations like ssh-ing to servers and coding. I'm planning to setup a firewall over OpenBSD soon.

In my spare time, I enjoy coding, skateboarding, climbing and gaming.
For each of 'em, here is a quick introduction:
- C/C++, Java, shell, php, brainfuck, asm
- alien workshop / independent trucks / spitfire wheels
- Climbing up to 6c/7a (5.11a to 5.11d USA)
- AMD A10-5800k / Nvidia GTX 650 Ti / 1440x900

I mostly play Quake Live / Quake 3 defrag, but I enjoy when games are runnable through wine (eg: Id software Rage)

If you have any question, feel free to ask !

RE: Oh HAI ! - kirby - 12-10-2013

Hey z3bra, I remember you hopped into IRC around the same time I did, good to see you in the forums :)

RE: Oh HAI ! - z3bra - 12-10-2013

Yeah I remember that too ;)

RE: Oh HAI ! - venam - 12-10-2013

Salut poulette!

RE: Oh HAI ! - crshd - 12-10-2013

[Image: xM7L27O.png]

RE: Oh HAI ! - yrmt - 12-10-2013

Hey! Welcome :)

RE: Oh HAI ! - berk - 12-10-2013

welcome here


RE: Oh HAI ! - nrmc.dubz - 12-10-2013

Nice to see you here, z3bra

RE: Oh HAI ! - z3bra - 13-10-2013

Thanks everybody :)

RE: Oh HAI ! - jobss - 15-10-2013

Welcome to the site!

I myself enjoy Crux. Very light on the resources, although the documentation can be more thorough, and complete.

RE: Oh HAI ! - srp - 15-10-2013

z3bra you beautiful man. Welcome to UnixHub.

RE: Oh HAI ! - zygotb - 30-11-2013

Welcome to Unix Hub!

RE: Oh HAI ! - Ippytraxx - 02-12-2013

> skateboarding

Mah nigga, pool or street?

RE: Oh HAI ! - z3bra - 03-12-2013

Definitely street :D

RE: Oh HAI ! - zygotb - 03-12-2013

I was a vert skater when I was a kid.
Had one of the first half pipe ramps on the island.
Broke my left arm once, and my right leg another time, along with numerous cases of road rash and sprained wrists.
Never used pads or a helmet, just shoes and Levi's.
I can still spin 360's, but the last time I went to the skatepark I ended up doing a faceplant when I tried dropping into the bowl... I was unconscious for a short period, and woke up being walked to the car. I didn't seek medical attention, I just stayed home and took it easy for a few days.

RE: Oh HAI ! - z3bra - 04-12-2013

That's cool to see that a few of us are skating :D

I've never enjoyed vert a lot, but I sometimes drop into a bowl to warmup and make a few stalls.
I broke my shoulder 6 years ago, and had to stop skating (shoulders take *a lot* more time to heal than arms...)
I once had a friend hitting the back of his head on the ground, trying to jump over a box. He had a lot of speed, I can still hear the sound of his head... He stayed « conscious », but a lot of crap came out from his mouth (he was barely speaking). Anyway, after spending a night at the hospital, he was fine :)
But you know, that's scary as shit.

RE: Oh HAI ! - srp - 05-12-2013

Welcome to the forums, z3bra.

RE: Oh HAI ! - zygotb - 05-12-2013

You broke a shoulder? (AAAAARRGGHHH!!!)
Just thinking about it makes me wanna get drunk!
I fractured my clavicle when I wrecked my ATV the first time... My neighbor, who is a healer, massaged my shoulder and set my collarbone that first time and it didn't hurt too badly, but a couple years later I broke the same clavicle multiple times in one night. (wasted drunk) No medical attention for a few days, until my ol lady literally dragged me into the doctor's office.
That last time was the most excrutiating pain...
Do you have full use of the shoulder now, or do you need to take it easy?

RE: Oh HAI ! - z3bra - 05-12-2013

Hopefully, I still have full use of it. I was young (14 or 15), so it healed great. But sometimes it hurts me a little when I run for more than 30 minutes (no idea why).

That was really Painfull. I had to spend a whole night with it broken before going to the hospital. By far, the the worst night of my life... I spent the whole night crying, unable to move in my bed... Huuh...

RE: Oh HAI ! - zygotb - 06-12-2013

I've been getting cortisone injections in my shoulders and one knee, my bad shoulder used to hurt before the injections, but now it's a lot better... But it still creaks & pops when I use it.
Getting old sucks!

Enjoy your youth.

RE: Oh HAI ! - crshd - 06-12-2013

Yeah, I broke my collarbone playing rugby a few years back. It was horrible - I slept sitting up on the couch for a couple of weeks, because I couldn't lie down. I think it's one of the worst things to break.

Luckily it healed up fine, and I haven't had any problems with it since.