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Recommended Scripting Books - Miyazeaux - 23-10-2013

Hey guys,

I'm one of those people who learns well from reading books in addition to "learning by doing," so I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for good scripting books. Reference alone is great, but a more general overview is preferred.

Preference to free books online, but physical books are fine too!

Thanks in advance!

RE: Recommended Scripting Books - shtols - 23-10-2013

"Scripting" is a very general term. Do you talk about the art of writing beautiful scripts? Or books about a specific language?

RE: Recommended Scripting Books - Phyrne - 23-10-2013

Sure! There's loads here

.... all jokes aside though, as shtols stated, you'll need to be a bit more specific. "Scripting" is an ambiguous term, but we presume you're talking about scripting in a programming language/shell, so perhaps tell us what you want to write in?

RE: Recommended Scripting Books - jobss - 23-10-2013

Lua is a cool scripting language, this website has 5 free Lua coding books (they may be outdated)

Also there are loads of html books, on this site, here is a whole list. O'Reilly really has some good ones

RE: Recommended Scripting Books - Miyazeaux - 23-10-2013

My apologies, I realize I left out the keyword bash. Bash or other shell scripting is more what I'm interested in. How to write powerful and/or beautiful scripts is what I'm looking for. Thanks!

RE: Recommended Scripting Books - jobss - 23-10-2013

Here is a pretty good online document discussing Bash shell

RE: Recommended Scripting Books - berk - 24-10-2013

Effective Awk Programming is a nice book to start scripting.

RE: Recommended Scripting Books - Miyazeaux - 26-10-2013

Thanks for all the recommendations guys! I downloaded Effective Awk Programming and the Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide (from jobss), looking forward to reading up more when midterm examinations are done.