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Need For a linux book - jazzycool - 27-07-2012

Guys I am new to linux and in search of a distro, which comprises of a enviornment suitable for: a hacker, a developer, a musical guy, a movie fan etc. But since I am new to linux I dont know how to use its command line or how to open up the things and also customize my distro according to my satisfaction, or how to develop software/install tools. I also don't know the exact setup of tools for developing and coding and stuff. So I also need a proper book to understand these things properly. If anyone can provide me with that, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

RE: NEED FOR linux book - crshd - 27-07-2012

When it comes to learning a system, my favoured approach would be to just dive in, and look things up while I go.

I'd recommend grabbing a distro like Arch, something lean, which requires a lot of hands-on and has pretty great documentation, and just get going.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a "definitive book about Linux", since there are so many topics to write about, it would be impossible to fit it all into one book.

RE: NEED FOR linux book - Reki - 27-07-2012

You can do all those you mentioned above in any Linux distribution. I haven't really used any books for learning Linux, as I've just used Google to answer all my questions mostly regarding the command-line. Here are some links that I think could help you:

Link 1
Link 2

More importantly, some commands vary from distro to distro, so you should post which distribution are you planning to use.

Off-topic: NeoTerra, is it just me, or one space when posting is two spaces when posted? Posts really look spacy for me. xD

RE: Need For a linux book - crshd - 27-07-2012

*hijacking ensues*

Honestly, I think it's too much. I might have to overwrite that in my userContent.css.

RE: Need For a linux book - jazzycool - 30-07-2012

Yeah! thanks to all for such a great advice or suggestions. Hope this would be enough to get started with my linux distro
Again Thanks to all and hope get to see more stuff on the forums.