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Why hello there! - dami0 - 27-10-2013

Hey everyone, I'm dami0! I've been hanging out on the UnixHub IRC for a while and I've finally decided to give yourselves a formal introduction.

I'm a Physics student by day and by night I like to tinker a lot with stuff to make it more efficient or just a bit less of a hassle to use. Really anything from motorcycles through multitools to computers.

I started off on Unix systems with Linux about 3.5 years ago after hearing about it from a lot of people on the websites I used to hang out on at the time. I distro hopped for a while before settling on Archlinux. Haven't yet tried any other *nixes to a serious extent but I'm planning to real soon.

I'm usually just pumping out code for the course or doodling around with making all sorts of things like encryption, install scripts and games or other, sometimes with others.

I got here by meeting gurhush on 420chan IRC and having an extended conversation that eventually covered this lovely place.

RE: Why hello there! - eksith - 27-10-2013

Howdy! Hope you plan to share some doodles here ;)

RE: Why hello there! - dami0 - 27-10-2013

I will soon, but for now you can look at my github page; nick is dami0. Also, I've been collaborating with the wizards of UH!

Thanks for the warm welcome by the way.

RE: Why hello there! - Derby - 27-10-2013

Welcome! I think we spoke briefly on IRC. Enjoy your stay at UnixHub.

RE: Why hello there! - Miyazeaux - 27-10-2013

Welcome! Hope to chat with you on IRC.

RE: Why hello there! - c107 - 27-10-2013

Welcome, dami0. Have you considered Gitorious? It's free software.

RE: Why hello there! - srp - 27-10-2013

Hi there little dami0. :)

RE: Why hello there! - jobss - 28-10-2013

The force is strong with this one, Welcome to Unixhub!

RE: Why hello there! - zygotb - 30-11-2013

Welcome to Unix Hub!

RE: Why hello there! - kirby - 01-12-2013

You're another britfag I think? Welcome to Unix Hub!