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Useful Gits - DotDev - 10-11-2013

Have you ever found or used a Git that catered to your needs, but didn't have a place to tell anyone about it ... well now there's a thread for that, post your useful gits that you would like people to know about or that would benifit others.

Poor Man's Spotify
Description: Search and stream music

RE: Useful Gits - kirby - 10-11-2013

I haven't used it myself, but in browsing about I found ack, basically grep on steroids specifically for searching code, looks very nice.

RE: Useful Gits - DotDev - 15-02-2014

I've always found LDM as a useful Git

RE: Useful Gits - z3bra - 17-02-2014

I stumbled upon the other day. Full of nice programs

RE: Useful Gits - Bones - 02-04-2014

RE: Useful Gits - berk - 02-04-2014


If you work with MPD,, or ii (the irc client) quite often, you'll find some useful tools in here:


RE: Useful Gits - ajac - 02-04-2014 [awesome, useful, SIMPLE software] [bspwm & sxhkd]

RE: Useful Gits - z3bra - 03-04-2014

You made me discover `sxhkd`. How does it compare to `xbindkeys` ? Is that better ?

RE: Useful Gits - ajac - 03-04-2014

@z3bra ive only used sxhkd, it works by reading a simple config file that has its own (relatively simple) syntax

RE: Useful Gits - z3bra - 03-04-2014

xbindkeys seems to have exactly the same syntax. Hence the question, how is sxhkd better ? does it re-read the file when you update it ? Or use less resources ? I can't see anything on the repo

For reference, my.xbindkeysrc looks like this:

    Mod4 + Return

    Mod4 + w

Okay I finally tested it. Here is the comparition:

# config files complexity:
$ wc *rc
23  34 333 sxhkdrc
24  36 373 xbindkeysrc
47  70 706 total
# pretty much the same. sxhkd does not need quotations when
# passing arguments to the command. That's the only advantage

# resources used by each program
$ ./xbindkeys -f xbinkeysrc
$ ps -eo pcpu,pmem,size,vsize,args | grep xbindkeys
0.0  0.0   312  15868 ./xbindkeys -n -f xbindkeysrc

$ ./sxhkd -c sxhkdrc
$ ps -eo pcpu,pmem,size,vsize,args | grep sxhkd
0.0  0.0   308  15656 sxhkd -c sxhkdrc
# nothing interresting here. They use (almost :P) exactly the same resources

# last point: doing their job
# here are the config file used:
$ cat xbindkeysrc
    Mod4 + Return
    Mod4 + w


"amixer set Master toggle"

"~/bin/popup volume"

$ cat sxhkdrc
mod4 + Return

mod4 + w


    amixer set Master toggle

    ~/bin/popup volume

# They both start the first four command without problem.
# BUT, only xbindkeys start the last command. It means that sxhkd can't bind
# multiple functions to the same hotkey.

Winner is: `xbindkeys` !

I use the "double function" a lot. Because I use multiple computers, some have media hotkeys, some don't.
So I need a fallback key on those systems.

Also, I use this feature to pop a notification while I'm performing an action. Some that I can level the volume up, and display a nice text in a corner to see the current value.

Sorry sxhkd ! Nice try though :)

RE: Useful Gits - ajac - 04-04-2014

@z3bra lol! nice comparison! i believe sxhkd is a dependency of bspwm which is why people use it

RE: Useful Gits - dkeg - 05-04-2014

^that. @z3bra, great comparison tests! Thanks for that.