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  Thread: Your top 10 commands
Post: RE: Your top 10 commands

I’ve read z3bra’s phlog post a couple of weeks ago but thanks for opening this thread! So, here’s my top 10: 1. git - I didn’t expected to see git before vim, but I really use git often and as my vim...
tuxifreund Desktop Customization & Workflow 18 1,875 15-10-2021, 02:52 AM
  Thread: Your Latest Workflow Improvement
Post: RE: Your Latest Workflow Improvement

Two things have made my work easier lately: 1. colourcolumn in Vim - nothing new, but incredibly practical. 2. a function I built into my own browser. I don't know if something like this already exi...
tuxifreund Desktop Customization & Workflow 163 92,740 06-08-2021, 04:53 AM
  Thread: Workflow Compilation [June Events 2021]
Post: RE: Workflow Compilation [June Events 2021]

My Workflow is still using GUI applications f.e. for checking Emails I’m mainly using Thunderbird. I really often use newsboat, vim and WeeChat for a couple of reasons. And I don’t want to miss them. ...
tuxifreund Desktop Customization & Workflow 32 6,673 24-06-2021, 05:50 PM
  Thread: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?
Post: RE: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

I use regular QWERTZ layout because I’used to and I’ve to change the computer often and it’s almost ewerywhere the default layout.
tuxifreund Off topic 43 23,980 18-06-2021, 08:08 AM