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  Thread: Which BSD do you use?
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i started using openbsd on all my servers (mail, web, *dav, irc, xmpp) and i really enjoy it. in my opinion it is very well-engineered and clean. documentation is really great and helpful (you do not ...
drkhsh BSD 38 26,820 28-04-2017, 08:06 PM
  Thread: How do you tidy your home, aka `tree -L2 ~`
Post: RE: How do you tidy your home, aka `tree -L2 ~`

Code:/home/drkhsh ├── git ├── media │     ├── books │     ├── music │     ├── photos │     ├── videos ├── projects ├── s...
drkhsh Desktop Customization & Workflow 35 22,195 28-04-2017, 08:03 PM
  Thread: - users thread!
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drkhsh Off topic 33 16,787 28-04-2017, 07:58 PM
  Thread: Favorite Terminal Applications
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music: cmus video: mpv file manager: shell (+ sometimes ranger or even pcmanfm) irc client: weechat in dtach terminal emulator: st text editor: vi mail client: mutt + isync + vdirsyncer/khard/khal ima...
drkhsh BSD 104 47,377 28-04-2017, 07:51 PM
  Thread: Your Latest Workflow Improvement
Post: RE: Your Latest Workflow Improvement

Code:function up {     if [[ "$#" < 1 ]]; then         cd ..     else        &...
drkhsh Desktop Customization & Workflow 161 80,711 28-04-2017, 07:44 PM
  Thread: What phone are you using?
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oneplus x w/ lineage os (based on android 7)
drkhsh Hardware talk 48 24,810 28-04-2017, 07:40 PM
  Thread: What shell do you guys use?
Post: RE: What shell do you guys use?

zsh on my laptop (because of nice features) ksh on my servers (running openbsd)
drkhsh BSD 79 37,380 28-04-2017, 07:38 PM
  Thread: Hello world!
Post: Hello world!

Hey guys, my name is drkhsh (dark hash, some very l33t name). Basically I am some paranoid and minimalistic unix hacker. I was distro hopping a lot until I found Void Linux. I always prefer small and...
drkhsh 5 2,920 22-02-2017, 07:21 PM