Why Use Linux? - GNU/Linux
I use Ubuntu x64 on one of my main pc's which has all my movies on and i stream it to the TV beautiful and smooth no crashing at all.

I, did the same thing with windows media centre and the damn thing kept crashing or making that 'dung' error sound ridiculous windows.... i did use redhat 9.0 as a file server at one point, but now use fedora for web files etc with xampp installed

- Main laptop uses windows 7 also got a spare laptop that has SOLARIS 11 which is awesome.

But not needing to worry about rebooting the system or a 'freeze' now n then.... liux/unix amazing OS

But No crashing smooth and light on resources - that's why i use linux. (also tried to get friends n family to use it) - but they think it's totally ALIEN and wrong also had one family member 'have the nerve' to say to me

'Linux copied windows'

I was simply like GTFO NUB lol.
* Linus copied SunOS
(20-12-2012, 03:24 PM)venam Wrote: * Linus copied SunOS

What. Do you mean Minix?
Nah! I mean SunOS was the inspiration of Linus.
Well at least SunOS is still going strong but in the heart of 'Solaris'

(i actually might change my media server over to solaris) in the following weeks.

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