managing dotfiles with gnu stow - GNU/Linux
I just use a single shell script. I'm a basic bitch I guess.
If that works for you, you shouldn't feel bad about it :)
this post was about my personal workflow and what works for me. ricing and beaning is all about your own personal workflows. i intended this post as a thought experiment more than a "you should do this with your dotfiles" type post.

tbh, on some remote machines when i just need a single apps dots i'll do something like:

git clone --depth 1 --branch master --single-branch
cd dotfiles/vim
cp -r ./ ../../
I used to use stow as well, but I have since switched to a simpler thing: I keep all my dotfiles in ~, but they are version-controlled in ~/etc through a bare git repo:

alias etc="/usr/bin/git --git-dir=$HOME/etc --work-tree=$HOME"

It has worked really well so far. As a bonus, it plays nicely with vim8 (which has a built-in plugin manager), as I can just run

etc submodule add .vim/pack/base/start/PACKAGE
I use a custom zdotdir to wrangle all my dots into one $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, which is a repo using a gitignore with * in it. i git clone once, and never link anything and am good to go. It's really the nicest I've ever had.

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