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Quick question.

Today's morning, we've got an idea about making quotes database for #nixers and Nixers.net as in bash.org fashion. The only additional thing will be a nick scrambling in quotes, due to muh privacy and reputation purposes.

Do you want to see this?
AGE = $12
lda #$00
sta AGE
    jsr wait_year
    inc AGE
    cmp #$64
    bne life
jsr dead
As long as the nicks are changed I have no problem with it.

We could also store them in fortune format, as mentioned on IRC.
Long time nixers
Want to see this, but I don't really understand why the nicks have to be changed. If someone could explain why it's even necessary, that would be good.
Grey Hair Nixers
I'm affraid it would lower the quality of talks on the chan, but whatever, I'm not against it :)
(02-10-2015, 11:36 AM)z3bra Wrote: I'm afraid it would lower the quality of talks on the chan, but whatever, I'm not against it :)
Good point. It might lead people to say unnecessary stupid jokes when it's out of context.
If there's moderation of the quotes I think it'll minimize that effect.
Grey Hair Nixers
Or perhaps only add "smart" quotes :P
Let's see.
Would those be acceptable:

Quote: sp │ even interesting, hm
~ vm │ it's nice looking at her cleaning ;)
sp │ I've meant to say this
sp │ but not directly
~ vm │ http://i.4cdn.org/b/1443762782440.webm
~ vm │ epic
~ vm │ SFW
sp │ >he's still 4chan
sp │ son, I'm disappointed
c4 │ dont you know school shooters go on that website
c4 │ jesus man
~ vm │ c4: I shoot inside school girls
c4 │ lewd
sp │ kek
sp │ that was epic

Quote:P9 │ MAN
P9 │ lambdas reduce spaghetti so much
vr │ ur spaghetti amirite
& dt │ fuck you guys
& dt │ I spent the last hour trying to not think of spaghetti
P9 │ ;_;
vr │ and now you're back to square one

Quote:~ vm │ morning
@ rx │ Eh/
P9 │ hi man
~ vm │ what's up?
@ rx │ Things.
@ rx │ Thingy things.
~ vm │ rx: oh...your thing is up?
@ rx │ That depends on the thing,
~ vm │ rx: you got multiple things?
@ rx │ Yep.
~ vm │ bring me one
rx ▇ hands vm a thing.
~ vm │ I've dreamt for ages to own one
vm ▇ play with his thing
@ rx │ Dude. They're $19.99 like the TV says.
@ rx │ Just pay shipping and handling.
~ vm │ I know my way around handling my thing

Quote:di │ P9: > As a master of many slaves, I find the idea of this very intolerant towards me.
di │ le kek
P9 │ :3
vm ▇ trigger warning
di ▇ points the smoking barrel at je
@ xo │ (⊙﹏⊙′)
je │ what did I do now D:
@ rx │ That's a trigger warning if I ever saw one.
~ vm │ the patriarchy is attacking me, HELP
xo ▇ shields vm
~ vm │ xo: thanks, I'll recharge and then we will penetrate their base
vm ▇ heavy machine gun
xo ▇ prepairs to flank and pivot
@ rx │ Ugh. Just get it over with. Better yet, let me get it over with.
rx ▇ prepares the ICBM sattelite.
di │ make sure it's the one with the trefoil
@ xo │ rx isa charging hiz lazer
di │ we want to weed them out and take care of the roots too while we're at it
vm ▇ [10/100]
P9 │ http://36.media.tumblr.com/985ea30160170...1_1280.png
~ vm │ we won't be able to whitstand the attacks
vm ▇ [15/100]
vm ▇ [20/100]
~ vm │ I got triggered warned again, ouch
vm ▇ down
vm ▇ [50/100]
xl │ rip
vm ▇ [75/100]
vm ▇ [90/100]
vm ▇ [100/100]
~ vm │ https://i.4cdn.org/b/1443720061842.jpg
~ vm │ here comes the lazer: https://i.4cdn.org/b/1443720106875s.jpg