Idea for a "week of the vintage OS" - Old school stuff
Being a dumb person, I am gradually replacing all of my software (outside Windows :-)) by older software because I like the speed, efficiency and weirdness of code produced for machines which have been mostly extinct for decades now.

As I feel surprisingly comfortable with most of the replacements (the latest one being TECO, replacing ed (please don't judge me)), I wonder if it would be worth a dare to limit yourself to software available before 1985* for a week. I am fine with allowing web browsers though... ;-)

Anyone in?

* The year is not set in stone just yet. But there was some fine stuff in the mid-80s.
I'm in, sounds like fun.
This would be super interesting. The only hick is that there should be an easy way to find those softwares and install them. It'll probably take me a whole week to search for those softwares. Maybe we should make a list of the basic stuffs.
That list depends on the agreeable year. :)

We already covered the subject of old operating systems and text editors extensively on nixers. I think if we take web browsers into consideration, one could cheat by just using "webapps" for anything. (I would not recommend that.) Otherwise, hmm.

Which kind of applications do you usually need for your "week in the TTY"?
(14-10-2018, 10:26 AM)jkl Wrote: Which kind of applications do you usually need for your "week in the TTY"?

For me it usually it comes down to email, chat, text editor, web browser, todo list, compilers and other toolkits, maybe even games. It depends what you do on an everyday basis, if you do a lot of image editing you'll need an image editor. I can't really say.
Hmm, chat alone could be hard with the IRC having been around since 1988.

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