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greetings everyone, my name is marc. i am a 28 y/o white boy that grew up in toronto, but who was raised in montreal.

i come from a working class background. it is unlikely that anyone in my entire family tree has graduated from university; i know this because i have an uncle who is a genealogy nut. none of my 4 siblings or myself have graduated high school. my parents were members of a conservative cult, but this may only be a partial explanation for why i found myself dropping out of high school at age 16 to flip burgers.

i am glad of every event that has causally affected me, because they constitute the fate that has led me to my present state of being. i spent my teenage years working in the service industry, as well as in my family trade, bricklaying. eventually i began to travel around the united states, south america, and canada in the manner of a hobo (hitchhiking, hopping trains, living in a tent & out of a backpack).

eventually i returned to montreal, where i had a few love affairs, got a job dishwashing, and eventually enrolled in university at the age of 25. i was absent direction, and decided to follow a yearning that i have always felt and study philosophy.

it's been three years in university. studying philosophy has helped my immensely: in terms of the personal reasons that i pursued it, i am beginning to suspect that grasping philosophy in the hopes that it provides a therapy will not be satisfying. however, philosophy has also provided me a conceptual background, training in reading, thinking, and most importantly, writing. despite this, i still have a lurking fear that i will never actually be able to release myself from some kind of narcissistic guilt realting to my productivity.

i've learned a lot, and have come to clarify my vision for myself as a writer and an artist. towards that effect, i added a second major to my program: "art history and film studies." the idea is that this program will teach me two separate lexicons, which will allow me to work in a more broad field as a critic and essayist. i really ought to be studying english literature and creative writing, but in my perception of myself as a literary figure, those things are closer to home. i can study novels in my own time, but the visual arts and cinema are further removed from my experience, so i should seek professional training. while i am working as a critic and establishing myself as a part of the canon, i will, in some future, be working on the true project of novels that are secretly philosophy books--like dostoyevsky, nietzsche, bolano.

in the meantime, the only thing people want to hear about, is that linux is my hobby. i use arch btw, i3gaps, polybar, write documents in latex.

i apologize for this overly personal introduction; it obviously indicates that i'm not in the best place right now, which is true. things are going quite poorly with my romantic partner--it may be over. this semester i have worked very hard on school after a really, really bad fall semester. for various complicated reasons, i have felt alienated from my schoolmates and have followed a very lonely academic year. i am looking forward to the end of the year, and summer.
Everyone has their background stories, no shame about it, this is what makes us us.
In my opinion, it's the nice thing we find in communities, not the clichéd geeks but a panoply of random individuals that somehow share an interest in something for different reasons and use that something in different ways. Our something are Unix and Unix-like OS.

Let's hope you enjoy the forums and learn some stuffs from all the content and links posted around.
Also, don't be shy to bump old threads if the topic teases you.
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I'm not like you, I won't read it.

Welcome to nixers.
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That's the good stuff about internet! No matter how different you are, everyone is equal and will be treated in the same pedantic and condescending way!
So welcome to the community fellow stranger! I'm curious to know what you use your box as for philosophy purposes, or whatever not especially related to programming.

As long as you enjoy using unix-like systems, you'll fit in just fine. This place is not as ellitist as it used to be :)
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Which is bad for the quality of this place.
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That's probably gonna slip again, but I think we manage to keep a pretty decent quality in the posts, even though more and more "newbies" are joining.

It's not bad to replace a fistful of top-elite comment with a lot more different comment, probably less technical, but providing a different point of view.

What I do miss though is the highly technical answers that we used to get to actual problems ancountered by the poster.
Today most topics are philosophical unix topics, rather than real-life problems.
(28-03-2019, 05:09 PM)z3bra Wrote: Today most topics are philosophical unix topics, rather than real-life problems.
From what I've seen, I think people are shying away from asking such questions because they think it's not worth a thread or that it has already been answered some other place.

Well, aeymxq feel free to ask whatever comes to your mind.