Git as a Plan 9 file system - Programming On Unix
Ohhhh man, netsurf just full on works now. git9 is stable, etc etc. I use 9 as a daily driver, and if I ever need a modern browser I just vncclient into something on a Unix/Linux machine.
Looks like 2020 could be the year of the 9 desktop. ;o)
(12-05-2020, 03:13 AM)Halfwit Wrote: I use 9 as a daily driver

Now I'm curious ! How is it like for your usage ? What do you do everyday that make 9 suitable for it ?
Would you care to describe your install ? (Perhaps a new post would be best suited for it)
This has to be a huge coincidence, but I stumbled upon this book:

I haven't finished reading it, but what I love is that it is an introduction to plan 9 for computing begginers. It takes you by the hand to discover the OS, and doesn't reflect the ellitism that is usually associated with cat-v or 9front.

Definitely a good read to understand most plan 9 concepts. I'll try to spin up a plan 9 VM to follow the book while trying examples.
The book is incorrect right at its start though.

Quote:Traditionally, Operating Systems courses used UNIX to do this. However, today there is no such thing as UNIX.

There actually is. However, I immediately feel better with the book:

Quote:Linux is a huge system, full of inconsistencies, with programs that do multiple tasks and do not perform them well. Linux manual pages just cannot be read.


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